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Year 2 - Badgers & Foxes

Wb 8th & 15th June - Man on the Moon - Year 2

Click here for the Home Learning Map for Year 2

During this 2 week learning period we will be looking at the story Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. 


This story can be found here.

If you would like to find out more about Bob and the author of the book, please click here.

Below are resources to help you complete some of the activities from the Learning Map. Please do not feel that you must print these. They can be copied out or used as a starting point.



Can you create a new spacesuit for Bob? What will his spacesuit need to have to protect him? 

Trash bag Astronaut suit! | Astronaut costume, Astronaut craft ...          Teaching Resources – Curved House Kids Ltd     Ideas | How to Make a Space Helmet

You can use these activity sheets to help you with your design. 

Spacesuit Design Sheet 

 Alien Craft

The aliens keep a close eye on Bob, although he is not aware of them. Create an alien model or mask.  Evaluate your creation what went well and what you could do next differently next time. You can use this activity sheet to help you with your evaluation. 

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids (With images) | Space crafts for ...     A is for Alien... By: MistyBlue | Alien crafts, Craft activities ...     aliens | Wikki Stix


Summer Reading Challenge - Stories and Alien crafts    Making Cardboard Masks with Kids - So Colorful and Creative!  Alien Crafts Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Design Your Planet 

Make a model or a poster of your own planet. Think about it’s name, who might live there, it’s colour/size and what signs of life there might be.

Use this activity sheet to help you design your planet.

Create Your Own Planet Project by Lisa Sadler | Teachers Pay Teachers     73 Best Space images in 2020 | Space activities, Space preschool ...    

                    5th Graders Create Planets | Holy Cross Catholic School Blog


My Special Items

You can tell a lot about Bob from his front room and the objects in it.  Do you have any special things at home that show other people what you are interested in or have experienced?

Man on the Moon: a day in the life of Bob (Bartram, Simon Series ...


NASA for Kids 

NASA for Kids is a great website which has lots of fun games and activities to help you learn more about space, the moon and astronauts. 

NASA for Kids  


Reading and Writing

 Look at the cover of the story.  Who is this? How would you describe Bob’s character? What kind of person do you think he is? Would you like to meet him?  


Book Review 

Which parts of the story did you enjoy? Which parts did you not enjoy? Would you recommend this book to a friend? Use this book review template to help you review this book. You could record your book review in a video to tell me your thoughts.

Bob's Day - Diary

Bob does lots of jobs during his day. Why not make a picture diary of Bobs day!


 Could you use your pictures to recount the story in a diary.  You could also write your version of Bob's day?

 Letter Writing 

Write a letter to the man on the moon! Ask him how he's feeling, what his day is like or simply what it's like there? How might Bob respond? Can you also write a response to your letter from Bob?

 Descriptive Writing 

What can Bob see on the moon? Look at this image to write a short description using your senses.

The Lessons We're Still Learning from the Man on the Moon - The Apex 


Questions and Commands 

Write a list of commands which Bob needs to follow before he sets off to work in his rocket (e.g. Turn the key to switch on the engine.) Add an adverb to your command (e.g. Turn the key carefully to switch on the engine.) Then turn your command into a question (e.g. Have you turned your key to switch on the engine?) 

Use these Bitesize lessons to help you recap over different sentence types. 

Types of Sentences


Teacher's Pet - Sentence Type Posters - FREE Classroom Display ...

Vocabulary | Teaching Ideas


Common Exception Words Year 2

Remember to continue to practise your spellings using games and activities on Spelling Shed. 





BBC Bitesize - Friday Challenge!                                             

Why not take part in the Bitesize challenge every Friday? Check back here every Friday for the latest challenge. 


BBC Bitesize - Maths Week 5 22/5/20

CanDo Maths Club

Here you will find a Parent Pack of Year 2 Maths based learning that has taken place during the academic year so far. Practise the skills and apply them to solve missing number and contextual problems to keep Maths Fit during the time of school closures.

The weekly plan will be:

Monday: Workouts A and D
Tuesday: Workout E
Wednesday: Workouts B and F
Thursday: Workouts C and G
Friday: Workout H


View document candomaths_workout_2_7.pdf


Unfortunately, the CanDoMaths Team are no longer producing videos to support the activity packs.  Generic videos have been provided for Workout A, B, C , D, E and also for Workout F - the links are below.

Also the original videos for pack 2.1 and 2.2 are still available.

CanDoMaths Support Video 1 - Workouts A, B and C


CanDoMaths Support Video 2 - Workout D


CanDoMaths Support Video 3 - Workout E


CanDoMaths Support Video 4 - Workout F

CanDo Maths Answers

CanDo Maths Answers - 2.7


Physical Challenges 

Click here to take part in Andy's Wild Workouts!

Cosmic Kids  

Cosmic Kids: Click below to take part in a new Cosmic Kids Yoga

Mike and Muttnik on The Moon 

Sporting games and activities available on Wiltshire and Swindon Sport website. 

Week 4 Calendar

Wiltshire and Swindon Sports




Science Observations: Celestial Objects - Odd One Out

Planet Earth         Glowing red sun       Grey moon showing crater detail

Here are three celestial objects that your children should be familiar with. But how do they differ? This activity is great for promoting observation and discussion skills.

When you log back into your Explorify account, change the topic to Moon. You will find an activity called Celestial Objects.

Click the blue link below!    



Healthy Eating - BBC Bitesize

Create a healthy lunchbox for Bob to take to work on the moon. What food would be inside the lunch box and can you justify your choices? Create a poster, video or leaflet for Bob.

Click this link to find some videos which explains the importance of healthy eating and eating a balanced diet. 

Healthy Eating Videos

Materials Investigation 

Bob needs to have some protective sunglasses/sunshade for his rocket. At home investigate which materials you think will be the best. You could use a torch to test which materials are best to block the sun.

Use this information Power Point to help you investigate 

How Does Light Interact with Different Materials? - Gretchen Brinza

Moon Phases 

Use this link to find out about the different Moon Phases.  

Can you create a mobile to show the different phases of the moon? 

Semi successful first attempt at a moon phase mobile. In the name ...              Stained Glass Moon Phase 8 Step, Mobile white Suncatcher Wood ...


Why don't you try the Oreo Moon Phases challenge!


'Out of the Ark'  are offering free music resources for use at home during the lock-down period. 

(**Disclaimer - Some songs will have a religious theme**)

Click the house to take you to the web page.