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Reception - Dragonflies & Bumblebees

Wb 6th & 13th July - Charlie Cook's Favourite Book- Reception

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During this 2 week learning period we will be looking at 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book' by Julia Donaldson.



This story can be found here

This story is quite an adventure; we will meet lots of characters and visit lots of different places! Hold on tight... let's go!


 Have a look at this story about halving (Grown ups: you may wish to mute and read yourself)


Have a go at this ordering numbers game

Have fun exploring halves and quarters!

Letters and sounds

Have a go at spelling these words:



 Have a listen to this tricky words song


You can have great fun creating a wanted poster to help catch the naughty jewel thief


Have a listen to this story

Can you tell your grown up what it was about?




Outdoor challenge:

 This is our new character we made at home!

He is Reggie the Robot. He has daisy buttons, raspberry eyes and tiny seed rollers to move about on. Who will you create? We can't wait to see!


Listen to this piece of music...

 Can you tell a story about what you heard? While listening to this music, what could be happening? What is the music about? How does it make you want to move?

Physical Activities

 Try a spot of Cosmic Yoga - click here to see the special soap episode.



Take a look at the 'Let's Go Club' section of this website and have a go at practising 'flick-ups'. We would love to see a video on Tapestry!

School Value This Term                                                            

Remember to check out the weekly school values challenge!


MUSIC - Click the blue link below!

         Out of the Ark (free music resource)                           

Out of the Ark have kindly released lots of free musical resources for children to access at home! Feel free to browse the link above and choose some songs to learn at home!

(**Please note that some songs may be of a religious theme.**)