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Year 1 - Hedgehogs & Squirrels

Wb 18th May & 1st June - How to Catch a Star - Year 1

Click here for the Home Learning Map for Year 1

This 2 weeks learning period, with one weeks holiday between,  is where we will be looking at the story How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.

This story can be found here

Oliver Jeffers reads the story during lock-down here

Links and Examples

Below are some links and examples to help you complete some of the activities from our Learning Maps.

            Step into Oliver Jeffers World                    

Watch this stop motion short film of the story.

Could you create some puppets and make a short film about what happens in the story?

Could you record your voice and retell the story?


How about making a star mobile for your room?   How will you make your stars?



What about creating a star picture!


Take a look at the story Katie and the The Starry Night. Katie is looking at a famous piece of art work, The Stary Night by Vincent Van Gogh.


Could you create your own Starry Night picture?


Try Cooking some star biscuits.



Take a look at NASA website to find out more about stars.

          Why not look at one of the NASA Apps?                             

Look at some constellations with their Space Place


Could you create your own pictures of some constellations?




Listen to Oliver Jeffers read some of his other books - click this link.    


  Phonics and Spelling - Click the blue links below

 DFE Letters and Sounds Daily Lessons                                                         


Phonics lessons for Year 1 take place on this website at 10.30 am every week day. If you feel  your child needs more support with the process of blending sounds together, there are lessons at 11 o'clock to practice sounding and reading words such as ‘tap’ ‘cap’ ‘mat’ ‘pat’.


Click for more support on the blue links below. 

Letters and Sounds Channel Home Page


 Don't forget your Spelling Shed link  where you can practice your spelling.


Also your Teaching Your Monster to Read login. Those monsters need your help!


Try your hand at spelling some of our Year One words with...  

Spellingframe Choose a spelling rule and practice with a game or why not test yourself.



Don't forget your Maths Shed link  where you can practice your Maths skills.



BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons                                                                     

Fridays Challenge 

BBC Bitesize - Maths Week 5 22/5/20

Year 1 CanDoMaths Daily Workout                                                           

A parent Pack of Year 1 Maths based on learning that has taken place during the academic year so far. Practice the skills and apply them to solve missing number and contextual problems to keep Maths fit during the time of school closures.


The weekly plan will be:

Day 1 - Workout A and D

Day 2 - Workout E

Day 3 - Workouts B and F

Day 4 - Workouts C and G

Day 5 - Workout H

View document year_1_home_learning_page/cando_maths/candomaths_workout_1_5.pdf

Unfortunately, the CanDoMaths Team are no longer producing videos to support the activity packs. Look at our previous Home Learning pages for previous workouts and support videos.

CanDoMaths Workout Answers - Click the link below! 

 CanDoMaths Workout Answers 1.5



You don't need to be an astronomer to find stars or constellations in the sky.

Become a Little Stargazer ⭐

BBC Stargazing - The Sun and The Stars          

         Why not look at one of the Skyview Apps?   


Let's Get Physical

  Take some timeout and relax with  Jaime from Cosmic Kids.


WASP - New Wiltshire and Swindon Sports                              

 Try out some of their sporting games and activities. Click the blue links below.

   Week 4 - 18th May




School Value This Term                                                            

Learn about RESPECT with Sesame Street.


MUSIC - Click the blue link below!

         Out of the Ark (free music resource)                           

Out of the Ark have kindly released lots of free musical resources for children to access at home! Feel free to browse the link above and choose some songs to learn at home!

(**Please note that some songs may be of a religious theme.**)