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  • A message from everyone at Eastrop Infant School - Please click here to watch our lip sync video. Enjoy! 

Nursery - Little Acorns

Wb 18th May & 1st June - How to Catch a Star - Nursery

Click below to watch the story for this fortnights work.


This story can be found here.

Oliver Jeffers reads the story during lock-down here.


Click here for the 3 and 4 year old's learning map.

Click here for the 2 year old's learning map.


Here is our hopscotch we made at home. We put in the dots just in case you struggle with recognising the numerals. 


Pre-writing skills

Here is the messy play mark making and name writing activity.


Letters and Sounds

Here is the Silly Soup activity. On the carpet or on a tray put out some objects such as a sock, snake, scissors, spoon, scarf, sausage and spaghetti (also put out some objects beginning with other letters) Can they only add items beginning with 's'?



Here are the words for the Sound Walk. Change the words to quiet one, spooky one, long sound or short sound. 

 Physical Activities