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Singing Club



Singing is an expression of emotion and of one's personality. It can help confidence to grow and creativity to shine through! It fosters friendships old and new, and can create a sense of unity- an understanding that we share a common interest. Singing provides an outlet for stress and tension, and naturally lifts one's mood!

The singing club is run by Mrs Price, and takes place each Tuesday at 3.15-3.45. It is held in the Bumblebee classroom, and at present, is open to children in KS1.

In singing club, the atmosphere is light and fun. The children are encouraged to have a go, regardless of what their musical skills were prior to joining the club. They are taught basic techniques to help improve pitch, posture, breathing for singing, and diction. We often use the short videos on the 'Sing' section of the 'Charanga' website at the start of each singing club session, as they provide lots of opportunities for the children to engage in silly facial exercises and fun warm-up activities! 'Charanga' is the music scheme that we use at Eastrop, which provides lots of fun and engaging ways for the children to learn about all areas of music. You can find more information about 'Charanga' using the link below:


We sometimes use songs and warm-ups from 'Out Of the Ark' online, which is the resource that we use in our singing assemblies. Their website is accessible via the link below:


At singing club, the children are taught a range of songs; from classical songs from shows, to current pop songs. The songs are taught slowly, and are broken down in to manageable sections. All children are provided with lyrics to sing from, and we go through the lyrics a section at a time. If, however, they are not quite at the stage of reading the words confidently, we also go through each part so they can learn the words by memory. The sections are repeated and built-upon at a pace that suits the children. When they are ready to do so, we put the parts together and go 'from the top'! 


To ensure that all children get the most out of their experience at the singing club, they are regularly asked to contribute song suggestions (if they so wish!). Their contributions are valued, which encourages all to participate and have a go! The aim is to create an inclusive environment, meaning that everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and join in!

The aim of the club is to encourage children to take part, have fun, and sing their hearts out!


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