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This term our safeguarding theme is Keeping safe outside of school.

The focus for our Safeguarding assemblies is keeping safe outside of school which covers among other things road safety, stranger danger and what to do if you get lost. Although it is highly unlikely that children will be out and about by themselves, it is still important to start educating children on how to stay safe. Educating children from an early age also helps develop their confidence and awareness.

Miss James – Head of School

Overview -what to explore with your child this term

• Awareness/saying no (stranger danger)
• Road safety
• Bike/scooter safety (helmets, lights, high-Vis etc.)
• What to do if you get lost

Useful Websites 

Safety 4 kids 


Road Safety GB

Safe Kids

Road Safety Time Line and the UK Driving Test    


Safeguarding Lesson 1 

Watch ‘Safer journeys anthem’ film and practice song using lyrics. 

Safer Journeys Anthem

Be Bright, Be Seen 

Explain to your child that  it is hard to see dark clothing at night or when the weather is bad e.g. torrential rain/fog/snow. 

Ask your child have you seen people travelling with special clothing or equipment that make sure they are seen in the dark or when it’s raining really hard? 

What clothes do you think we should wear so we can be seen in the dark? 

Play Be Bright Be Seen Game 

Discuss what you have found out. 

Road safety highlighted with hi-vis vest donations | Spectrum      Bicycle Front Rear Plsatic Reflective Lens MTB Road Bike ...     The 9 Best Bike Lights For Commuting • Gear Patrol


Safeguarding Lesson 2 

How to cross the road safely

How do you cross the road safely?

Who might help you cross the road safely?



What were the children doing in the clip?

What did you notice?

How did the children cross the road safely?

Remind children of the four words (stop, look, listen, think). You might want to chant this a few times with actions to help the children remember.

Show the children a few images from the PowerPoint Presentation ‘Roads Away from Home’ Use the prompts from the PowerPoint to discuss road safety.






Safeguarding Lesson 3

 Hazards in the Road and Road Safety 

What is a hazard? What does this word mean?

What is a hazard on the road?

Hazards in the Road

Show your child the images from the Hazard Spotting PowerPoint.

What hazards can you see?

What can you see in the pictures help keep you safe? 

What good behaviour can you spot? Why is this important to keep us safe?

Walking Activity – Road Safety Checklist

When you go on a walk in your local area, have a look at the signs that keep us safe.

What road safety signs can you see?

Use the Road Safety Checklist to tick which signs you have seen.

Can you add any more signs?


Safeguarding Lesson 4 

Ted's Tumble 

Play Ted's Tumble 

Discuss what happens in the story? 

Why did it happen? 

Roads Away From Home

Show your child the Roads Away From Home PowerPoint. 

What crossings can you see? 

How do the crossings keep you safe when you cross the road? 

Poster Activity 

Create a poster about how to cross a road safely and how crossings can help you cross a road. 

You could watch the  Crossing Roads video from lesson 2 to help you.