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Does your child dream of being a rock star? Have they ever imagined singing or playing in a band in front of an applauding audience? If so, Rocksteady may be perfect for them!


Rocksteady is an external music service that offer lessons at Eastrop Infant School during the school day. Their main aim is to teach children how to play instruments as part of a band.

The lessons are run by James, our Rocksteady representative. James holds lessons each week on a Tuesday in small, year group bands. Children from Reception to Year 2 can take part. Children enjoy a 30 minute lesson with instruments provided by the company; your child can choose between learning do to vocals, keyboard, electric guitar or drums.

Rocksteady representatives are all real-life musicians, which help to motivate and inspire children in this fantastic career! Children are supported from learning the very basics of playing their instrument/singing, to putting their parts together to play as a band. Once the children have built some confidence in playing their songs together, a performance is arranged each term to share their songs with their families- something which the children look forward to enormously!



Research by Rocksteady has shown that lessons with the provider lead to progress in musicianship, confidence and teamwork skills with no prior experience necessary. Learning an instrument is also known to help with behaviour, well-being and resilience. 

Rocksteady lessons provide an inclusive environment, as all children start at the same level, regardless of prior musical knowledge and skills. This allows children to work together at the same pace, helping children to learn patience and acceptance of others.

Rocksteady lessons are privately funded; however, the school can use Pupil Premium funds at it's discretion to fund these lessons, where applicable.                                              

If you are interested in joining Rocksteady, please follow the link below to sign-up:

Sign-up for Rocksteady

If you would like more information about lessons, please feel free to speak to Mrs Price at school, or e-mail Rocksteady at the following address:



Link to RockSteady online                                                                                          

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