Eastrop Infant School

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Academy Committee

Eastrop is an academy part of the multi academy trust Grove Learning Trust (GLT). GLT opened on 1st December 2019 and you can click this link to visit our trust website. 

As part of Grove Learning Trust, Eastrop has a local Academy Committee which is overseen by the trust's Members and Directors. 

Whilst our new multi academy trust develops, and the local governors' capacity, skills and knowledge are enhanced, the Board of Directors for Grove Learning Trust have chosen to combine the Academy Committees of Eastrop Infant School and Southfield Junior School to form one Joint Academy Committee (JAC) for the remainder of this academic year. It is their intention to separate them in readiness for the 2020-21 academic year so that each academy is expertly championed by its own group of skilled and experienced governors.

Grove Learning Trust's Governance Structure

The governors at Academy Committee level hold the academy leadership team to account for the performance of the academy. They operate as one body, not as sub-committees. Each Academy Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors via the Board of Directors’ committees. Governors are appointed by the Board of Directors after appropriate elections or recruitment processes that will be run by the relevant Academy Committee.

Grove Learning Trust’s Board of Directors believes that the best results will be achieved when each individual school’s Academy Committee receives the level of responsibility appropriate to their circumstances; good and outstanding schools will operate with maximum delegated responsibility; those that have not yet reached Ofsted good will receive closer support and guidance.