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Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Wellbeing Award for Schools- Change Team 

We did it!

On the 3rd November 2020, we had a long verification visit to evaluate both Eastrop's and Southfield's evidence that we have worked hard to put together over the last 18 months demonstrating that we are a mentally healthy school that promotes pupil and staff wellbeing.

During the verification visit, children, staff, governors and parents were consulted to share their views of the schools and virtual tours of both schools were taken by the assessor, Therese Hoyle, too.

We are so proud and happy to achieve this award which is a national award in partnership with the National Children's Bureau. It lasts for a period of three years, during which we will continue to develop and promote mental health and wellbeing amongst our pupils and staff.

The whole school community need to be praised for the work they have done in embedding positive structures and developing syrong relationships that support mental health and wellbeing and enable children to learn and flourish. 

Therese Hoyle, assessor. 

To read the full report, click here.

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If you have any feedback or suggestions, then please feel free to talk to any member of the Change Team.


Below are some links to key Mental Health and Wellbeing organisations offering professional and confidential help if you do not wish to talk to someone in school;