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Phonics and Reading

At Eastrop, we use the nationally recognised ‘Letters and Sounds’ approach to teaching phonics.

Children participate in daily activities to make excellent progress with learning phonics (the letters and the sounds they make). This helps them with their speaking, reading and writing.

The proportion of pupils who achieve the standard in the Year 1 phonics check has continued to improve because leaders have adapted the organisation to ensure that pupils in Year 1 and Year 2 can access phonics teaching that is more closely aligned to their needs and abilities. As a result of this planning, teachers are maximising pupils’ knowledge and skills in reading. 

Ofsted, March 2016


Children make excellent progress with their reading because they read frequently, independently and with adults.

Teachers are carefully matching books to pupils’ reading ability and, with effective staff and volunteer support, pupils are regularly heard to read books at the right level for their abilities. Pupils capably use their knowledge of phonics and picture clues to read common but tricky words and have clear strategies for reading unknown words.

Ofsted, March 2016